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Model 400
General Purpose-Low Profile Load Cells  mV/V

These load cells are environmentally sealed, temperature-compensated strain gage sensors capable of highly accurate, highly reliable force measurement under the toughest laboratory and industrial conditions. They demonstrate exceptional structural resistance to damage or measurement error (“crosstalk”) from off-axis loading, side loading, and other extraneous forces and bending moments (“eccentric” loading can also arise from unleveled mounting or thermal expansion of supporting structures).

Unique flexure designs, using low deflection values and premium alloy materials, give exceptional fatigue life, plus excellent linearity and hysteresis characteristics.  All 400 Series transducers may be used in both tension and compression. Standard models cover nominal ranges from ±25 through ±5000 pounds, with smaller or larger ranges available on special order. All models incorporate sealed barometrically compensated construction, and exhibit a typical zero shift of less than 0.2% of full scale for ambient pressure changes of ±2 psi.

Individually tested and calibrated in both tension and compression, each 400 Series transducer is supplied with both “mV/V” and shunt resistor calibration data, traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.



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