SPS6000 Function Modules

Up to 8 selected Function Modules may be mounted directly on each Analog Signal Processing (ASP) Card in the SPS6000 system. These mini circuit cards provide a variety of real-time processing functions that can be set via the Configuration Software to operate on the analog measurement signals acquired by the system's conditioner cards.

  • Sum/Difference Module The Model SPS6701 calculates on a real-time basis the algebraic sum of multiple independent analog measurement signals prior to A/D processing. This Module accepts six analog inputs, four additive and two subtractive. It generates two analog outputs: (1) a "Sum Output," which continuously represents the algebraic summation of all active inputs, and (2) a "Minus Sum Output," which is simply the present value of the "Sum Output" with opposite polarity.
  • Peak and Track/Hold Module The Model SPS6702 is an extremely versatile application tool. It accepts a single analog input signal and produces two analog outputs.
    • In Track and Hold mode, when the "Track" input is "true" and the "Hold" input is "false," the value of the "Output" signal will be continuously identical to that of the input signal. As the input value varies, no signal peaks will be captured and no value will be "held."
    • In Peak Capture and Hold mode, when both the "Track" input and the "Hold" input are "false," the value of the "Output" signal will represent the greatest maximum or minimum value experienced by the input signal since peak capture operation last began. Any captured peak can be "held" by subsequently causing the "Hold" input to go "True."
    • In Sample and Hold mode, instantaneous "samples" of the signal input can be captured and held by means of the "Acquire" and "Dis(able) Acquire" inputs. The sampling of a given parameter can be triggered, for example, by the status of another variable which is being continuously evaluated by a Comparator Module (Model SPS6704)- and even then, it can be made to occur only when permitted by a precisely defined "gate."
  • Auto Zero Module The Model SPS6703 allows quick, automatic establishment of an arbitrary zero reference point for ensuing measurements- as required, for example, in comparator gaging operations with a "Zero Master," automatic taring of container weights in batch weighing operations, and the adjustment of zero baseline for graphic recording. It can also provide indefinite digital hold of an instantaneous signal value, without the decay inherent in analog capacitor storage.
  • Comparator Module The Model SPS6704's function is to issue logic output to one or more other modules on the same ASP card (or to one or more external logic devices), based on the comparison of input signal values to user-entered setpoint values or to the values of other input signals. A Comparator output can serve not only as a "GO-NO GO" control command to an external process actuator, but also as a real-time trigger for a "sample and hold," "tare capture," or other internal SPS6000 analog processing function.

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