SPS 6000 General Specifications


Each SPS6000 system is housed in a compact, rugged chassis (or “mainframe”) of extruded metal, with splash-resistant front panel and a fan-driven positive-pressure air flow. The mainframe furnishes all necessary power supplies and complete facilities for internal system interconnections.

Three standard SPS6000 mainframe systems are available:

  • The Model SPS6108D-CE can produce up to 8 analog outputs and can support up to 8 selected function modules.
  • The Model SPS6116D-CE can produce up to 16 analog outputs and like the SPS6108D-CE can support up to 8 selected function modules.
  • The Model SPS6132D-CE can produce up to 32 analog outputs and can support up to 16 selected function modules.

Every SPS6000 unit is suitable for bench-mount, panel-mount, or rack-mount applications. By means of its side-panel clamp slides, the mainframe can be easily mounted in the user’s precut panel.

Power Requirements:

  • Input Voltage: Continuous power range from 100 to 240 V-AC
  • Consumption: 55 W maximum
  • Frequency: 47-63 Hz
  • Fuse: 0.5 amp, time delay; 250 V-AC
  • Dimensions: extruded metal (4.0" H x 9.65" W x 13.5" D


  • Operating Temperature Range: +5°C to +50°C (+41° F to +122° F) Operating Relative Humidity: 5% to 95%, noncondensing
  • ESD Protection: conformance to CE EMC specifications, ESD protection
  • Front Panel Indicators: Two green lights, one for system power indication
  • (“POWER”) and one for system health indication (“OK”—see also Section


ANALOG INPUTS: Up to 32 per mainframe; advanced conditioner cards offer PROGRAMMABLE ANALOG FILTERING for quieting excessively noisy signals and eliminating A/D aliasing problems.

  • Exceptional STABILITY and ACCURACY result from...
    • shielded front-end environment that won't limit the accuracy of sensitive input signals or the reliability of associated control functions.
    • premium low-drift components.
    • remotely sensed excitation, allowing long cable runs.
    • separate amplifier for each input channel, with gain / noise / drift characteristics optimized for a specific input type.
    • powerful low-pass active filtering on an individual-channel basis.
    • precise control of internal reference voltages.
    • precise built-in calibration and excellent interchangeability of conditioner cards.

ANALOG OUTPUTS: From one or two Analog Signal Processor (ASP) Cards--up to 8 or 16 per card.

  • Accuracy: 0.02% of full scale, typical, following calibration.
  • Voltage: ± 10 V-DC will drive 500 ohm load.
  • Bandwidth: up to 10 kHz, set by conditioner card.

ANALOG FUNCTION MODULES: Up to 8 per ASP card; presently include:

  • computation of SUM and DIFFERENCE (4 additive inputs; 2 subtractive inputs).
  • signal AUTO-ZERO, with digital hold capability.
  • continuous COMPARATOR FUNCTIONS ("Hi-Lo", "Dual", and "Window" modes).


Each ASP card can have up to 8 inputs for direct control of assigned processing functions and up to 8 outputs for external annunciation and control.

  • General: ± 5 V Reference Supply provided; maximum current is 50 mA, total; external reference supply may be used; allowable Vcc range is +5 to +24 VDC.
  • Logic Inputs: High-impedance device with internal 100K ohm pull-up to Vcc ("Logic 1"); may be driven by TTL, LSTTL, CMOS (+5 V), or through dry contacts to Common.
  • Logic Outputs: Open-collector current sink with internal 100K ohm pull-up to Vcc; maximum sink current is 50 mA per output.


Relay contacts are provided on the rear of the unit to report system health status--including internal voltage supplies and software verification--to the host device or other external device for alarm monitoring and annunciation.


permits any active data channel to be viewed either as a finished engineering-unit answer or as a pure voltage. The operator can perform most calibration functions directly by means of front-panel push buttons--provided that the level of security presently set for the system allows such operations. 


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