Analog signal conditioning has always been the cornerstone of Daytronic’s design expertise. Every SPS6000 mainframe can accommodate up to 8 multichannel Signal Conditioner (or “Analog Input”) Cards. Accepting and conditioning “raw” measurement signals from thermocouples, RTD's, LVDT’s, frequency-generating transducers, DC- or AC-excited strain gage transducers, and miscellaneous voltage and current sources, conditioner cards can be mixed and matched to yield the combination of analog inputs to fit a specific SPS6000 application. In all cases, active low-pass filtering yields smooth and stable measurement of each input variable, even in the face of substantial dynamic content.

For optimum SPS6000 performance, a new family of Daytronic “A Cards” is presently being introduced. Designated by “AA” in the model number, these “Advanced Analog” conditioner cards feature per-channel analog filtering that may be programmed via the SPS6000 Configurator Software or—on a “runtime” basis only—via the unit’s front-panel Filter button.* See the Daytronic Conditioner Cards Catalog or contact the Daytronic factory for the latest information regarding “AA” card features, specifications, and availability. Most “10A” conditioner cards—originally developed for use with the Daytronic “System 10”—can also operate in an SPS6000 system, provided that the card produces the necessary “auxiliary outputs” and handles no more than four analog input channels (again, see the Conditioner Cards Catalog for complete information on all SPS6000-compatible analog input cards). Internal accuracies vary with different conditioner cards, but in general it can be said for all standard cards that, following initial calibration of a given transducer- based data channel, the overall stability of the system will normally allow measurements by that channel to an accuracy of within 0.02% of full scale, except when limited by engineering-unit resolution considerations.


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