Every SPS6000 mainframe is equipped with a front-panel Model SPS6501 Operator Display/Keypad. The Model SPS6501 provides • 8-digit 0.562” orange LED’s for vivid display of any selected active data channel (01 through 96) as a finished engineering-unit answer; any analog output channel (01 through 32) may alternatively be displayed as a pure voltage value a push-button keypad that allows the operator to

  • step through all active channels to select the one to be displayed*
  • indicate whether the scaled reading or output voltage is to be displayed for an analog output channel (only)
  • enter calibration values for a selected input channel on a run-time basis
  • enter an analog filter cutoff frequency for a selected input channel with programmable filtering, on a run-time basis**

Note that the system forces all displayed values to the highest possible precision— that is, the decimal-point display resolution for a given input channel (and any associated output channels) is automatically maximized for the full scale transducer range that has been entered for that channel. A security feature in the Configuration Software permits only selected keypad functions to be made available to the operator for each displayed channel. Thus, for example, if it is not desired that the operator be able to recalibrate a given channel via the front-panel keypad, the appropriate buttons can be deactivated when that channel is called to display. The software also allows a hardware “Security Override” function to be either enabled or disabled. The Security Override jumper pins are located on the SPS6000 motherboard behind the front bezel (see Fig. 3.a). When Security Override is enabled via the Configuration Software, any and all keypad security provisions made via the Configuration Software may be cancelled by moving the jumper connector. When Security Override is disabled via the Configuration Software, all software security provisions are always in effect, regardless of the jumper position.


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