The Model OPCDR software allows direct communication between a Daytronic System 10 Data Acquisition System and any application program compatible with the OPC interface standard, via either GPIB or RS232.  The server is designed to run on Intel-based PC platforms with Windows NT 4.0 (SP3+) or Windows 98 operating system.  It is extremely easy to install and use.

The OPC Server consists of two main parts:

  • Driver thread—handles all communication with the System 10 (inputs and outputs), as well as serving all device data for OPC client applications.  The driver thread is started and stopped as communications with System 10 are started and stopped.  Upon being started, it will first read the most recently saved configuration file.  This determines the device configuration (serial or GPIB communications parameters, including the desired scan interval, in milliseconds), as well as the list of analog and digital channels to be scanned and served to OPC clients.  Scanning of the listed System 10 data channels will continue until the user chooses to stop communications.
  • User interface—allows the user to configure the device settings, build a list of channels to be scanned and served to OPC clients, and start and stop the driver thread. 

Once communications have been started, the OPC Server lets the user set a specific System 10 channel or bit to a new value (changing a bit's logic state can in turn be made to trigger an automatic command "EXECUTE" function within System 10). 


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