M1 Series Panel Meter


M1-1VR4B.0001.770BD (Standard type)

Input types

Direct current / voltage:    0...10 VDC / 0/4...20 mA
Shunt:    0...60 mV; 0...150 mV
Potentiometer:    > 1 kOhm....10 kOhm
Resistance:    0-1 kOhm, 0-10 kOhm, 0-100 kOhm, 0-1000 kOhm
Pt100 2-/3-wire:    -200°C...850°C / -328°F...1562°F
Thermocouple:   Type L, J, K, B, S, N, E, T, R
Supply:    24 VDC galv. insulated / 230 VAC
Housing dimensions:    96x48x38 mm incl. plug-in terminal
Display colors:   Red, Green, Orange, Blue
Display:    4-digit, -1999...9999, 14 mm
Protection class:    IP65
PC-based configuration-kit PM-TOOL with CD & USB adapter for devices without keypad and for a simple adjustment of standard devices



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