Reference Material

Defusing the DA Timebomb

You've probably been hearing a lot about "aliasing" and "anti-aliasing." This is an article featured in Sensors Magazine's 1998 Special Data Acquisition Issue, focusing on just these topics. Dale Lankford explains what aliasing is, where it comes from, what the effects of it are, and how to prevent it.

PC-Based Vs. Stand-Alone Measurement & Control

Can't decide whether to buy modular instrumentation or PC cards? Here's a short piece that weighs the advantages and disadvantages of PC-Based and Stand-Alone signal conditioning and data acquisition systems, then lets you decide which is better suited for your application.


Associations & Information Resources

Control System Integrator Association - Daytronic is a member of this association devoted to promoting independent integrators in the controls industry.

National Institute of Standards and Technology - a federal technology agency that works with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements, and standards.

The IEEE sponsors technical conferences, symposia and local meetings focusing on advancing the theory and practice of electrical, electronics and computer engineering and computer science.


This is sort of an "online trade show central." From their front page, you can pick from many industries, then go to a virtual trade show with booths from vendors in that industry.

Technology Transfer Center

A full service technology commercialization center, providing practical business, market and technology assesement and development assitance.

Mechanical Engineering Library

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mechanical Engineering, hosted and maintained by the Stanford Center for Design Research.

American Electronics Association

AEANET provides information relevant to doing business in the electronics, software and information technology industries, and brings information to the public on public policy and international issues, industry statistics, and more.

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