The Model IL64A is a wide-range general-purpose instrument for conditioning the signal received from a DC-to-DC LVDT, potentiometer-type sensor, Hall-Effect device, photocell, current shunt, or other external DC and 4-20ma sources.

The IL64A delivers filtered analog output of ±5 VDC, ±10 VDC or 4-20 ma, user selectable. The DC input may be either differential (floating) or grounded (single-ended). Exceptional signal stability and accuracy over an unusually wide range of voltage input levels and grounding configurations are achieved through:

• precisely regulated excitation

• chopper-stabilized low-drift amplification

• selectable low-pass active filtering

• front panel setup configuration & calibration

• wide input range from 50 mv to 50 VDC FS & 4-20ma


A very stable excitation of ±5 VDC is provided for DC-to-DC LVDT's, potentiometer-type sensors, and other transducers that may require it. With an externally powered transducer, input isolation yields an operating common-mode range of up to 50 V (when using the regulated excitation provided by the IL64A module. For steady indication and smooth, dependable control action, the IL64A provides a true average value of the measured variable, even in the face of substantial dynamic content. A high level, noise-free analog output is provided.

For the IL64A, the output amplitude is switch selectable from ±5 VDC, ±10 VDC or 4-20 ma giving the unit the features necessary for a wide range of applications with a simple setup operation.

Other features include:

• Internal stable shunt for 4-20 ma inputs for re-transmission, re-scaling or conditioning of low current inputs.

• Powerful low-pass active filtering, Front panel selectable filter cutoffs at 10 Hz, 100 Hz or 1 KHz remove unwanted high-frequency measurement components and the elimination of aliasing errors, if the module’s output is subsequently sampled.

• High input impedance on all ranges to eliminate cable resistance as a source of error (allowable cable length has virtually no practical limits).

• High noise rejection, eliminating errors from common-mode pickup and ground-loops.


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