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Model 10A35 Single Channel Quadrature Conditioner

This single-channel, phase-encoded conditioner may be used with incremental encoder sensors whose outputs are quadrature to indicate “travel” and “direction of travel,” for measurement of relative linear or angular displacements over a very wide range of distances and precisions. The 10A35 generates a count per 90° phase shift, with a maximum allowable count of ±32700 and a speed limitation of 50 kHz, maximum. To accommodate the largest number of transducers, this count may be pre-divided by any integer from 1 to 256. The 10A35 allows run-time “zero indexing” (resetting) and restarting of a channel’s count reading by the operator or host computer. There are also input provisions for a user-supplied auxiliary external power supply from 9 to 15 V-DC, which would allow you to keep the count “alive” during system power shut-down.

The 10A35 takes three input signals: ZERO INDEX (RESET), PHASE 1 (SINE), and PHASE 2 (COSINE). Each input is available as a “TTL INPUT” or a “LOW-LEVEL INPUT.” With internal pull-up less than 1 LSTTL load, TTL INPUTS  are for use with transducers with high output levels greater than 2.4 V-DC. With 15-kΩ impedance, LOW-LEVEL INPUTS are 200 mV minimum and 9 V maximum without damage, and are for use with transducers with high output levels of 200 mV-DC to 2.4 V-DC. Low transducer output is less than 0.8 V-DC for TTL, and less than 50 mV for LOW-LEVEL.


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