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Programmable shaft transmitter for angular position for robust application dia. 58 mm



Programmable shaft transmitter for angular position for heavy duty applications, dia. 58 mm

The KINAX WT 720 converts the angular position of a shaft into a load independent direct current signal, proportional to the angular position. The unit is contact free and his minimal mechanical abrasion on the input shaft. It technically extends the delivery program of angular transmitters with a programmable version and thus creates a number of new technical application possibilities. The robust housing makes this unit ideal for the mechanical engineering and vehicle manufacturing.

  • Measuring range and sense of rotation can be adjusted by a switch and two push-buttons
  • Simplifies project planning and engineering, short delivery times, low stocking
  • Zero position and end position are independently adjustable
  • Linear and V characteristic of the output value
  • The shaft can be turned through full
  • Patented measuring method

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