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Shaft transmitter for angular position



Measuring transmitter with contactless, capacitive sensing system for acquiring the angular position of a shaft.

A load-independent DC signal with a range of 4 to 20 mA is read out at the measurement output. It is especially well suited for surface mounting to equipment and apparatus thanks to its compact design.

  • Patented contactless capacitive system / wear-free
  • Analog measuring method, practically infinite resolution
  • Angle of rotation measuring range: 0.. 5 to 0.. 270° without gearbox, 0.. 10° through 0.. 48 revolutions with gearbox
  • Measurement output: 0.. 1 to 0/4.. 20 mA / 2, 3 or 4-wire connection
  • Available with "intrinsically safe" explosion protection per Ex ia IIC T6, can be used in explosive atmospheres
  • Measuring span adjustment with potentiometer / optimized adaptation to desired measuring ranges
  • Output quantity characteristics: linear or as a characteristic V curve
  • Minimal torque: < 0.001 Ncm
  • Drive shaft has no mechanical stops: devices without additional gearbox can be infinitely rotated.

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