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Programmable modular controller system



VR660 is a universal 1-channel temperature controller for top-hat rail assembly. Up to 32 independent controllers may be used. The controller communicates via a common serial bus interface with the separate A200R display and operating unit. VR660 also works independently without A200R and, in this case, communicates directly via the bus interface (using an RS 232-RS 485 converter) with the CB-Manager configuration software.

A200R in combination with the VR660 top-hat rail controller serves visualizing of measured values, parameterizing of parameters and establishing as well as monitoring smaller bus systems. Using the configuration software CB-Manager it is possible to access the A200R as well as each VR660 directly. All parameters may be read from the devices or stored into the devices. Configuration files of devices or whole controller systems can be managed on disk. The software further serves for data visualizing, commissioning and service.



CB-Manager configuration software


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