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Programmable Safety Value Converter

for direct currents, direct voltages, temperature sensors, teletransmitters or potentiometers SINEAX VC604s is a multifunctional transmitter for top-hat rail assembly with the following main characteristics:

  • Measurement of DC voltage, DC current, temperature (RTD, TC) and resistance
  • Sensor connection without any external jumpers
  • 2 inputs (e.g. for sensor redundancy or difference formation)
  • 1 output (U or I)
  • 2 inputs can be linked with each other and allocated to the 2outputs which enables calculations and sensor monitoring (e.g.prognostic maintenance of sensors).
  • System capability: Communication via Modbus interface
  • 2 freely programmable relays with changeover contacts, e.g. forlimit or alarm signalling
  • AC/DC wide-range power supply unit
  • Pluggable high-quality screw or spring cage terminals

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