IC Series

IC Series


Eddy Current , High Output Probes

  • Measurement ranges 0...2 mm, 2...5mm, 0...8mm
  •  Output modes: analog: 0...10 V, 4...20 mA,
  •  Operating temperature: -10...+70°C
  •  Unaffected of non-metallic media in the measurement room
  • (e.g. water, oils, fouling, synthetics)
  •  distance measurement on static and rotating objects
  •  Measurement of unbalance and vibration
  •  Contactless quality check in automation

TX Series

TX Series


Eddy Current Electronic Module & Probes

Eddy Current

TX  -  eddylab Series

Since 2000, eddylab has engaged in the development and production of eddy current sensors. A wide field of application is generated by the TX series, which was developed in particular for high-end automation and robotics. Our engineers continuously adapt and develop the eddy current sensors further to your special needs.

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