About Daytronic

Since its founding in 1954, Daytronic Corporation has been in the business of solving unique, challenging measurement and control problems. A recognized leader in sensor-based signal conditioning, Daytronic is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of today's fast-changing digital world using the proven capabilities of analog measurement technology.  

With their long-standing reputation for accuracy, flexibility and reliability, Daytronic instruments and systems combine advanced modular hardware design and sophisticated software tools to provide inherent operational advantages. Daytronic instrumentation has found its way into virtually every kind of industrial data acquisition application, and into many areas of scientific and academic research as well.

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Daytronic's headquarters is located in Miamisburg, Ohio. In addition to its in-house staff of sales application engineers, Daytronic has a worldwide distribution of over 50 Sales Representative offices in over 20 countries. Several of these offices have been designated to be Authorized Service Facilities for Daytronic Products.



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