The 5M78 delivers filtered analog output of ±5 Vdc, ±10 Vdc, 4-20 mA or 4-12-20 mA. The 5M78’s advanced analog design directly addresses the problem of measurement inaccuracy in industrial environments of high electromechanical noise. Exceptional signal stability and accuracy over a remarkably wide range of sensor inputs are achieved through:

  • regulated, remotely sensed AC excitation
  • precise symmetry and signal phase adjustment
  • Standard DIN Package
  • selectable low-pass active filtering
  • wide range zero and span controls
  • internal shunt resistor provided

While intended primarily for applications involving transformer-coupling to the transducer bridge (as with conventional rotary-transformer torque sensors), the Model 5M78 can also be used when high sensitivity is required or where the electrical environment is especially noisy. Responding only to the modulated carrier frequency, the 5M78 rejects extraneous voltages that can cause errors in DC systems, particularly when there is a need to “blow up” a portion of the transducer range.

THE 5M78 OVERCOMES ERRORS THAT TRADITIONALLY PLAGUE THE STRAIN-GAGE MEASUREMENT PROCESS. For steady indication and smooth, dependable control action, the 5M78 can provide a true average value of the measured variable, even in the face of substantial dynamic content. Both models feature...

  • Powerful low-pass active filtering, selectable via front panel switch settings for removal of unwanted high-frequency measurement-signal components and the elimination of aliasing errors, if the module’s output is subsequently sampled.
  • Wide zero and span controls compatible with a wide range of rotary torque transducer and sensor manufacturers.
  • Phase and symmetry controls used to synchronize phase shifts due to sensor and cabling capacitance characteristics. Symmetry used to compensate sensors with non-symmetrical CW or CCW span.
  • Remote sensed excitation Provides automatic excitation compensation control for installations which require long transducer interface cables.
  • Internal 59k Ohm shunt resistor is provided for applications that require calibration or systems checkout when a dead weight method is not available or practical.

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