The Model 5M40 DIN conditioner is used with conventional frequency-generating transducers, such as tachometer pickups, turbine flow meters, transistor or logic-circuit drivers, and “zero velocity” (true digital output) sensors. The 5M40 will accept sine, square and irregular waveform inputs, plus TTL. The 5M40 delivers filtered analog output of 5 Vdc, 10 Vdc or 4-20mA, selectable. Exceptional signal stability and accuracy over an unusually wide dynamic range—down to 1.0 % of full scale—are achieved through

  • Selectable frequency ranges up to 32 kHz
  • Selectable input threshold levels
  • Capacitive coupling for magnetic pickup inputs
  • Selectable filtering on the amplified signal output
  • Effective signal isolation & ESD protection

In addition to its standardized pulse-averaging circuit, the Model 5M40 incorporates years of design strategies for frequency conditioning in factory environments that require high dynamic response even at low frequencies. The 5M40 Module will accept signals from 50mV to 240 Volts RMS with selectable input sensitivity settings for a wide range of frequency wave shapes— floating or grounded, producing a stable analog output signal proportional to the input frequency. The 5M40 may be used with magnetic pickups, Hall Effect sensors. The 5M40 offers eight selectable full scale input frequency ranges from 250 Hz to 32 kHz. These full scale ranges will provide an analog output of 5 Vdc or 10 Vdc or 4-20mA which has been conditioned through a selectable three - pole filter. This maintains a stable analog signal from 1% to 100% of the input frequency range selected; resulting in a dynamic, amplified signal that is not “time based” dependent for applications requiring responsive monitoring or control which traditional digital counters and “1/t” based units lack.

Capacitive shunting (or “coupling”) of 0.1 microFarads is provided for magnetic pickup inputs, to eliminate false triggering by signal noise. For waveform inputs from approximately 5 Hz to 32 kHz, a “Smart Schmitt” trigger—in conjunction with a variable-sensitivity amplifier—adapts to signal amplitudes from 50 mV to 250 V, thus ensuring reliable triggering for all input levels.


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