A member of Daytronic’s new “M” series of enhanced conditioner modules the 5M14/5M14V provides linearization, stable amplification and proven filtering techniques for up to four thermocouples. This isolated, four-channel conditioner accepts real-world temperature signals from Types E, J, K, N, R, S, and T Thermocouples, producing accurately linearized output over the full TC ranges. All four channels of a given 5M14 module must be dedicated to the same TC type as selected by front panel dip switches. The “M” series (for manual operation) do not require any computer programming.

The Model 5M14 / 5M14V offers

  • true galvanic isolation with pulse width modulation, allowing sensor-to-chassis or sensor-to-sensor common-mode voltages as high as 1000 V (rms) to be accommodated
  • linear output over wide TC ranges without the need for additional output processing; based on NIST polynomials, linearization is performed throughout each thermocouple’s stated operating range, and within the rated accuracy limits
  • internal reference-junction compensation automatically selected by thermocouple choice; no external cold junction is required—internal thermistor circuitry provides a highly accurate Temperature Zone measurement for reference-junction compensation.
  • User selectable filter selection: Field proven analog filtering is accomplished using the traditional Daytronic three - pole modified butterworth filter which provides stable, repeatabable, analog amplification for the user’s measurement process
  • TC break detection: In the event of a broken thermocouple wire or other “open TC” condition, the 5M14 Module will automatically indicate an indeterminate off-scale reading for the TC channel in question, with positive or negative polarity selectable on a per-channel basis.

A simple “Manual” switch procedure lets you quickly set up the 5M14 TC conditioner for the appropriate TC “type” and range required. During operation, appropriate reference-junction compensation, real-time linearization, and millivolt per Degree C scaling are automatically applied for the type of thermocouple selected. The 5M14 provides a true analog amplification path, long with high isolation and filter technique .... making this module ideal for pump / motor / dynamometer & rotating machinery applications.


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