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The Models 5D30 and 5D30V are high-reliability conditioners for measurement of displacement, force, pressure, and other parameters obtained with a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) or other variable transformer transducer.

The 5D30 delivers filtered analog output of ±5 VDC, while the 5D30V produces ±10 VDC.

Based on the synchronous carrier-demodulator principle, both models can handle a remarkably wide range of signals (from 16 to 4000 mV/V, full scale)—with no special "long-stroke" cabling required for high-output sensors.  Three selectable operating frequencies are provided to best match the user's specific transducer.  Exceptional signal stability and accuracy over the entire input range are achieved through

  • regulated, remotely sensed AC excitation
  • precise LINEARITY / SYMMETRY correction and SIGNAL PHASE adjustment via software commands
  • high-stability amplification
  • configurable low-pass active filtering
  • "absolute" and "two-point" software-based calibration
  • effective signal isolation and ESD protection

Powerful low-pass active filtering is independently selectable for each 5D30(V) analog output (see General 5D Series Specifications), for removal of unwanted high-frequency measurement-signal components and the elimination of aliasing errors, if the module's output is subsequently sampled.

For both the Model 5D30V and the Model 5D30S (the "S" Option version of the Model 5D30), a 10-pin header for a Phoenix Style screw-terminal connector replaces the Model 5D30's standard DB25 connector for the module's power, configuration, logic, and analog output wiring.  Ensuring secure cable connections to individual 5D modules, these versions are intended primarily for single-point or single-mount module applications.  Since the logic "enable" line is not provided in this case, both analog outputs are continuously available for both the 5D30V and the 5D30S.


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