5D Series General Specifications


Extruded aluminum casing; mountable to panel, fixture, or DIN rail

Dimensions and Connectors

DB25 Pin Connections (5D standard models)

Description: \\daystor\marketing\images\products\5D\5Dpins.jpg

* Strain Gage Conditioner models only.     

Screw-Terminal Pin Connections (5D "V-" and "S-version" models)

* Strain Gage Conditioner models only.     

Power Requirements

24 VDC ± 10%; 100 mA nom.; 150 mA max.  The following diagram shows general 5D power / serial communications connections using the standard module DB25 connector.


* Recommended if the cable connecting the PC and the 5D Module is over 3 feet in length; RECEIVE and TRANSMIT lines should be separately shielded, as shown. 

Input Overvoltage Protection

Up to 240 VAC rms on all Signal and Excitation lines

ESD Protection

Up to 4 kV on all connections


1500 VAC between input and output terminals; 1500 VAC between I/O terminals and power supply/communications terminals

Operating Temperature Range

-10° C to 70° C (14° F to 158° F)

Operating Relative Humidity

5% to 95%, noncondensing

Analog Outputs

Filtered ± 0 to 5 VDC (for standard and "S" units) or ± 0 to 10 VDC (for "V" units), with linearity maintained for 20% overrange; for standard units (only) Output B is switchable via logic "Enable" line.  The diagram below shows general 5D analog output wiring using the standard module DB25 connector.

NOTE:For "V-" and "S-version"models, both outputs are continuously available.


* For standard 5D models, Output B is active when "Enable" is at LOGIC 1, which is the default state (i.e., in the absence of any connection to the ENABLE input terminal).  For "V" and "S" models, it is continuously active at screw terminal No. 3.

Logic Inputs

Nominal 0 - 5 V, where 5V = Logic 1 ("true"); ±25 V without damage; noise immunity 1 V; internal pull-up nom. 5 kΩ; all inputs assume Logic 1 state in the absence of connection.  For available logic-input functions, see specific 5D Conditioner Modules, and also the description of the MODULE IDENTIFICATION (MID)command. 

Status Indicator Light


Input signal OK


Input signal over 20% out of range


Serious input condition (e.g., excessive current, overvoltage); could indicate transducer short or faulty cabling

YELLOW/ GREEN Sequence ("OPEN" module only)

The module has received a mnemonic command through its RS232 port (the yellow light will continue for about a second after receipt of the command-terminating carriage return)

RED/ GREEN Sequence

Significant internal software error detected by health monitor

FLASHING Color or Color Sequence

Indicates the above condition(s) AND the module is currently "OPEN" for communications



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