DIN Mount Power Supplies

Daytronic DIN mounted Power supplies complement their series 5M and 5D product lines with convenient 24 Vdc power at the required wattage. Output power ranges from 7.5W to 240W allow your power supply to grow with your needs. With UL508 Listing, you may even be able to use a smaller power supply than you do currently. The output is 24VDC, and are adjustable +/- 10%, short circuit protected, and regulated to a 2% maximum ripple. Unique spring up terminals allow easy installation of ring lugs, and built in DIN rail clips require no additional brackets (all units are also direct surface mountable).

All models, except the 100W unit, have a universal input that accepts 100-240VAC (or 110-350VDC). The power supplies are designed with a world market in mind, as evidenced by the UL508 listing, c-UL Listing, TUV approval, and CE marking (EN60950, EN50081-2, and EN50082-2).

Key Features

  • Universal AC input (100 to 240VAC)
  • DC compatible input (110 to 350V)
  • Unique spring-up, IP20 finger safe terminals (ideal for ring lug terminated wire)
  • DIN rail or panel mount
  • Eight output capacities
  • UL508 Listing
  • Fused input, auto-resetting output overcurrent protection
  • Worldwide approvals: UL (UL508), c-UL, TUV, and CE (both LVD and EMC)
  • Built in PFC on 75W model; compliant with EN61000-3-2
  • 75, & 100W models may be connected in parallel


  • 5DPS1 DIN-Mount Power Supply (7.5 W  for 1 Module)
  • 5DPS3 DIN-Mount Power Supply (15 W  for up to 3 Modules)
  • 5DPS6 DIN-Mount Power Supply (30 W  for up to 6 Modules)
  • 5DPS10 DIN-Mount Power Supply (50W  for up to 10 Modules)
  • 5DPS16 DIN-Mount Power Supply (100 W  for up to 16 Modules)
  • 5DPW4 Wall-Mount Power Supply (18 W  for up to 4 Modules)


Daytronic Motherboards provide a convenient method of mounting and simplified wiring to multiple 5D Modules within a system application. The motherboard provides common connection to Power, Computer interface and Analog outputs. When the motherboards are utilized, the 5D module needs to be configured with the standard DB25 connector. This is accomplished using the standard series of modules or in the case of the “V” version, Daytronic will substitute the 10 Pin screw terminal connection with a DB25 connection.

  • Model 5DMB-4  Four Slot Mainframe
  • Model 5DMB-8  Eight Slot Mainframe
  • Model 5DMB-16 Sixteen Slot Mainframe

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