General Description & Features

"STANDARD INPUT" 4000 Series models are preconfigured at the factory, prior to shipment, to perform general measurement and display functions.  They let the user control basic instrument setup and operation solely by means of the six front-panel push buttons.

NO FURTHER PROGRAMMING OF A "STANDARD INPUT" INSTRUMENT IS NORMALLY REQUIRED—except, in some cases, for specification of input range and a few other essential parameters (see the "standard configuration" to which each standard input model is initially set*).

*Unless otherwise specified at the time of order, each "standard input" model is set to its "STANDARD CONFIGURATION" at the factory, prior to shipment.  The user may modify this initial configuration at any time to take advantage of the many capabilities of the 4000 Series.

The basic functions provided by each standard configuration are included in the respective model description.

Every standard 4000 Series instrument can be rapidly and easily reprogrammed in the field, to provide a variety of unique application solutions.  Such reprogramming is accomplished by issuing simple English mnemonic commands to the instrument.  This may be done either via an external computer or terminal, using Daytronic's convenient UtiliPAC410 software, or via an optional Model 10P80D Extended Keyboard that plugs directly into the rear of the 4000 instrument.  A System Instruction Manual is available for users interested in advanced instrument programming.

The third and forth digits of a 4000 Series instrument's model number identify the "type" of signal source and, in a few cases, the number of allowed inputs, as follows:

Standard Input Units:

  • "30" or "32" =AC LVDT (one or two inputs)
  • "40" =  Frequency (AC or pulse input signal) (one input)
  • "60" =  Miscellaneous DC/AC Analog Voltage (one input)
  • "62" =  Miscellaneous DC Analog Voltage (one or two inputs)
  • "77" =  DC-Excited Strain Gage Transducer (one input)
  • "78" =  AC-Excited Strain Gage Transducer (one input

"SPECIAL FUNCTION" 4000 Series models are preconfigured for specific measurement and control tasks.  These models include:

  • transducer-dedicated "4K/SPC" Statistical Process Control Instruments
  • the Model 4K/HP Horsepower Instrument
  • the Model 4K/WT-77 Industrial Weighing Instrument
  • the Model 4K/PM-77 Peak Monitor

"CUSTOM" 4000 Series models can also be ordered.  These instruments are fully preconfigured by our Customer Service Department on the basis of your specific application requirements.

Standard Features:

  • Analog signal conditioning with multipole low-pass active filtering and regulated, remotely sensed excitation
  • Multiple transducer inputs (some models)
  • Selectable digital filtering
  • Internal custom linearization (some models)
  • 6-digit LCD digital indication, with optional limit-triggered flashing of display
  • Programmable 51-segment bargraph display of data and limit values
  • Continuous 7-zone limit monitoring with isolated logic control outputs
  • Scalable "live" analog output
  • Real-time math processing (including constants and digital max/min)
  • Automatic tare offset
  • Automatic counting functions
  • Real-time SPC capability (some models)
  • Programmable logic I/O
  • Binary, BCD, or hexadecimal "bit-group" configurations
  • Automatic bit-controlled command execution
  • Formattable serial-ASCII data transmissions; "time-coherent" data transmissions
  • RS232 (single-node) data communications with optional IEEE-488 or RS422 conversion
  • RS485 (network) data communications (some models)
  • Instrument setup via front panel or external computer/terminal
  • Run-time control via front panel, external computer or terminal, optional extended keyboard, or optional handheld operator's keyboard
  • Configuration security via password entry
  • User-programmable front-panel buttons and annunciators
  • Automatic low battery warning
  • Free software available for network management, data display and communications, and other MMI utilities.

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