Automatic Command Execution for Optimum Versatility

Each 4000 instrument lets you load, in advance, up to 16 different sequences of standard mnemonic commands.  Each command sequence will be executed immediately and automatically on detection of a predefined internal logic event—specifically, on detection of predefined LIMIT CONDITIONS or upon receipt of an externally sourced LOGIC INPUT.

Automatic "EXECUTE" functions let you set up any number of process-interactive control strategies.  In response to a specific process condition or event, a 4000 instrument can, for example:

  • send a prespecified warning message to the supervisory computer
  • activate multiple logic outputs in a given pattern—including BINARY, BINARY CODED DECIMAL (BCD), and HEXADECIMAL
  • redefine limit setpoints "on the fly" for ramp-soak operations
  • rescale the analog output or switch it to a difference source channel
  • "lock" or "unlock" specific measured or calculated data values

You can also customize any of the first five FRONT-PANEL BUTTONS, so that one or a sequence of standard commands are executed whenever the button is turned either ON or OFF.

Front-Panel or Remote Setup, with Additional Configuration Security

The 4000 unit's front-panel buttons greatly simplify the basic setup procedure.  Provided that a SECURITY CODE (SCD) command is not in effect, they let the operator quickly review in sequence the existing numeric "configuration parameters" of a selected channel (and of the instrument itself).  At the same time, any displayed parameter may be reset to any allowable value.  All setup values are automatically stored in battery-backed memory, for complete poweroff protection.

Many users "program" their own unique and imaginative 4000 instrument configurations from the basic repertoire of functions outlines on this page.  Often the developer of an application-specific configuration will wish to protect this configuration from deliberate or inadvertent alteration and/or "cloning."  All 4000 models except the 4010, 4040, 4078, and 4K/HP now have the ability to protect the current instrument configuration from both interrogation and modification.  By specifying a unique password, the programmer in effect disables the instrument's standard responses to almost all mnemonic command issued by an external command source (optional keyboard, computer, or terminal).


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