The Model 4030 or 4032 AC LVDT Conditioner/Indicator/ Controller accurately measures displacement, force, pressure, and other parameters obtained with a 5- or 7-wire LVDT sensor or with a 3- or 5-wire variable reluctance transducer.

The Model 4030 is a single-channel instrument, and has standard input provisions for "long-stroke" LVDT's (full-scale range of ±1 inch or greater).  The Model 4032 can accommodate either one or two inputs, either or both of which may be reconfigured for "long-stroke" LVDT's (contact the factory for details).

Accepting two independent displacement signals, the Model 4032 allows direct measurement of thickness—when the two inputs are summed by means of an internal "CALCULATE" channel—or of taper—when their difference is calculated.  See the three 4032 applications listed below.

Working on the synchronous carrier-demodulator principle, these instruments supply regulated, remotely sensed excitation for each transducer input.  They then demodulate, filter, and amplify the resulting signal to produce a reading precisely proportional to LVDT core displacement.

The Model 4030 automatically adjusts to the signal phase shift of the transducer in use, thereby insuring optimum sensitivity and linearity.  The Model 4032's full-scale input ranges are 0-120, 0-240, and 0-480 mV/V—selectable via the RANGE (RNG) command (an LVDT's full-scale "mV/V" rating can be easily calculated by multiplying its rated sensitivity—expressed in "mV/V/0.001 inch" or in mV/V/mm"—by the full linear range of the sensor, in thousandths of an inch or in millimeters).

As with most standard 4000 Series models, both active low-pass filtering and user-selectable digital smoothing are provided by the Models 4030 and 4032.  Internal 15-segment linearization allows easy calibration of nonlinear LVDT inputs.
There are special versions of the Models 4030 and 4032 for true, on-line Statistical Process Control (see the Model 4K/SPC-30 and the Model 4K/SPC-32).

4000 Series options applying to the Models 4030 and 4032 include

  • RS485 ( network) data communications
  • DC-powered (vehicle) operation

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