4000 Series General Specifications

Physical / Environmental


DIN package outline of extruded metal, with splash-resistant front panel


Clamp slides allow mounting in user's precut panel (for cutout dimensions, maximum panel thickness allowed is 0.24" (6 mm))

I/O Connections

Secure rear connections via screw terminals (except for the Models 4010, 4040, 4078, and 4K/HP, which use a special Conditioner Connector requiring direct solder-terminal attachment of cable leads—see diagrams, below

Instrument Dimensions (Bench-Mount)

Operating Temperature Range

0° C to +50° C (+32° F to +122° F)

Storage Temperature Range

-40° C to +80° C (-40° F to +176° F)

Operating Humidity Range

10 to 95% maximum, noncondensing

Instrument Weight

Approximately 3.5 lb (1.6 kg)



90-135 or 180-279 VAC, selectable by rear-panel switch


47-63 Hz


35 W maximum

Data-RAM Battery

3-V lithium; the instrument will display "LO bat" on powerup when the battery is found to be low

Signal Conditioning (ALL MODELS)

A/D Conversion

16-bit (±32000 count); 1000 finished engineering-unit answers per second, typical

Analog Filtering (Per-Channel)

See individual model specifications

Digital Filtering

Per-channel quieting factor selectable from front panel or by computer-port command

Internal 15-Segment Linearization

Programmable from front-panel or by computer-port command

Logic I/O

Logic I/O

TTL- and CMOS-compatible; isolated (±1500 V) from power and communication ports; negative-true outputs for limit monitoring (isolated +5 V provides up to 10 mA for driving external devices directly)

Logic Inputs

Logic Level

Volts (Operating)

Volts (Without Instrument Damage)


1.0 V (max.)

-0.5 V (min.)


3.5 V (min.)

5.5 V (max.)

Logic Outputs

Logic Level

Voltage at Current


1 V (max.) @ 10 mA (sink)


2.4 V (min.) @ 100 μA (source)


Analog Output

"Source" Channel

Any scanned channel may be represented by the 4000 instrument's single analog output; however, for certain models, the analog output will not be assigned to any specific channel under the instrument's "standard configuration"

Full-Scale Range

±10 V, microprocessor driven and scaled


±1 mV

Allowable Loading

5 mA, maximum


40 Hz maximum


Single-ended, return to System Common



9-pin RS232 standard; standard baud rates from 300 through 153.6K for both RS232 and RS485; RS485 configuration allows operation as an individual data-collection "node" within a computer-controlled network*



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