Incorporating the 5D Series Signal Conditioner Modules, the 3000PLUS is a field-scalable indicator with operator-programmable signal processing and PC/PLC communications.  With a durable front panel and secure screw terminals for all power and I/O connections, this mechanically and electrically rugged instrument is ideal for pump, motor, hydraulic, and other high-noise monitoring applications.

Any standard 5D module will plug into the rear of the 3000PLUS (as shown in the photo below).  Accepting the fully conditioned output of its 5D module, the meter maintains signal integrity to deliver accurately scaled analog output, while sampling all data at 16-bit resolution.  The data display provides selectable digital filtering for even greater readout stability.

The operator can easily select any of three separate output channels for display:

  • the meter's basic ±5-VDC scaled output (Channel 1), representing measured engineering units (after calibration)
  • the "auxiliary" DAC output (Channel 2), which serves to monitor and process Channel 1, and to generate Channel 3
  • the "raw volts" output (Channel 3), which is continuously proportional to Channel 2.  Channel 3 may be set to a full scale of either ±5 or ±10 VDC, and is available from the rear of the 3000PLUS as both voltage and 4-20 mA output

The meter's "auxiliary" analog output is used for

  • HI/OK/LO limit monitoring with selectable hysteresis windows, front-panel annunciation, and relay outputs for local process control
  • high-speed positive or negative peak capture with "have peak" logic output; selectable "peak defeat" threshold (to prevent low-level input from triggering a "have peak" condition); selectable "backout" threshold (to prevent low-amplitude signal noise from toggling the "have peak" output on and off); and user-adjustable leak rate (useful in the measurement of peak trends in very fast cyclic processes)
  • automatic application of a desired tare offset
  • a signal hold to allow captured peaks and other values to be transferred to computer for processing

Separate logic inputs provide external control of peak capture, signal hold, tare application, and the release of latched limit violations.

You can quickly set up the 3000PLUS via the simple front-panel button menu or the configuration software supplied with the unit.  Operator-entered ranges, filters, calibration points, and other setup parameters are always specific to the installed 5D conditioner.

A standard RS232 interface operating at a fixed rate of 19.2K baud allows connection of an external PC for instrument configuration and on-line monitoring.  It may also be used for direct communication of simple ASCII mnemonic commands both for run-time reconfiguration and for interrogation of current data and setup values.



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