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Programmable shaft transmitter for angular position



Transmitter with a contact free, capacitive sensor system for the acquisition of the angular position of a shaft.

The output is a load-independent DC current signal of 4...20 mA proportional to the measured value.

  • Patented contact free capacitive sensor system
  • Measuring range, direction of rotation, characteristic, switching point and other additional functions programmed using PC / Simplifies project planning and engineering, short delivery times, low stocks
  • Measuring range of angle of rotation: 0...10 to 0...50 or 0...50 to 0...350°
  • Measuring output (output/powering circuit) in two-wire connection (4...20 mA signal)
  • Very low torque (< 0.001 Ncm, with 2 mm shaft)
  • Advantage: The shaft can be rotated practically without any reaction effects and is therefore not a «load» on the connected devices.
  • Compact size, only 48 mm diameter
  • Advantage: it can be installed anywhere (OEM)
  • Type of protection “Intrinsically safe” Ex ia IIC T6 / Can be mounted within the hazardous area
  • Simulation of measured values / The testing of the subsequent device chain is already possible during the installation phase
  • Measured value acquisition / Display of the instantaneous value and a trend graph of the measured value on the screen
  • Adjustment / Independent fine adjustment of the analog output, zero position and measuring range
  • Characteristic of the output value /
  • Programmable as a linear, V-characteristic, or any characteristic curve
  • The shaft can be turned through a full 360°
  • Serial interface 


  • For 2W2 configuration software

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