USB with RS-485

The USB-to-RS485 Converter Board can connect up to 31 meters and counter on an RS485 bus to a computer with a USB port. It features a USB Type-B connector for connection to a PC via a standard USB cable, plus an RJ11 jack for interface to an RS485 bus which can support up to 31 meters equipped with  RS485 interface board. That board features dual RJ11 connectors for RS485 daisy-chaining using commercial 6-wire RJ11 data cables, with no need for a hub.

  • Suitable for all DPMs, counters, timers & remote displays.
  • Connects host meter to a computer via USB 2.0 while also acting as server
    for up to 31 devices on an RS485 network.
  • Includes USB Type-B receptacle plus an RJ11 jack for connection to RS485 bus.
  • Selectable baud rates to 19,200.
  • Powered by instrument.
  • Isolated from meter and power grounds.

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