An optional plug-in board provides an isolated 0-10 VDC signal for analog closed-loop control, or to drive a chart recorder or remote display—plus an isolated 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA signal for transmission to a computer or central control room (thus turning any 2000 instrument into a high-accuracy 4-wire transmitter, as shown in the figure below).

A 16-bit D/A converter provides +/- 0.02% accuracy (1 part in 65,536 resolution).  The update rate is a fast 56/s at 60 Hz power (47/s at 50 Hz).  The output selected in software is calibrated to 99.9% accuracy, while the nonselected output is accurate to 98%.  Output for thermocouples, RTD's, and custom curves is linearized to the displayed reading.

Isolation to signal ground and power ground eliminates common ground-loop problems.  The isolation supply is powered by the basic meter, and can drive 20 mA current into a load of up to 600 ohms with 12-V compliance.

Both voltage and current outputs may be easily scaled by front-panel push buttons or by commands issued over the optional serial interface.  Both voltage and current outputs are available at the same time, and the same scaling applies to both.

Depending on the application, the analog output can track the filtered signal input (for best noise rejection) or the unfiltered input (for fastest response).


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